XY Control

Usage and function:

  • 110Vac/90Vdc 5A × 2 W:8.5Kg
  • The Probe Sensor can track automatically. Or you can use joystick by manual remote control.
  • Preference order:
    1. Limit switch.
    2. Remote manual control.
    3. Probe Sensor.
    4. Remote control choose switch.
  • X-Axis can use remote control’s choose switch set left or right homing also you can use joystick to control.
  • It can direct feedback message through CDS detection and the reaction signal is clear. There is no absolute interference by other factors.
  • The speed of response is very fast. According to calculation logic, the speed of movement will change automatically.
  • Accessory:XY Cable 4.5M × 2
                       Remote Control × 1
                       Remote Cable 3M × 1